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About Us

Direct Native Plants was born out of desire to get native plants into more backyards — not just in faraway woodlands and wetlands!

We already had success (20+ years strong now) in expanding the use of native plants to the restoration/reforestation industry with our parent company, American Native Plants. However, we wanted to do more.

We wanted to take our expertise and knowledge to more people who could help wildlife flourish in local ecosystems.

Knowing that gardeners, eco-enthusiasts and people who enjoy wildlife would make the same commitment we did to Mother Nature in their own backyards, we started Direct Native Plants.

We are committed to growing, supplying, and distributing native plants that are critical to biodiverse natural ecosystems.

Selling native plants is not a fad at Direct Native Plants. We have the expertise to bring you the best options for your landscape (and any specific challenges). Pairing enthusiasm for gardening and love of habitat is what drives us every day!

Contact us today with any questions you may have about the plants we grow. Look through our many offerings and fill your cart with our most beautiful native plants now! We look forward to serving you.