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Pollinator Garden Starter Kit

Pollinator Garden Starter Kit

Container Size: 1 Gallon, Quart

Soil Moisture: Medium

Light Requirements: Full sun to part shade

Featured Plant Category: Pollinator Plants, Starter Kits

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Do you want to attract pollinators to your garden, but you aren’t sure how? This Starter Kit is just for you!

The shrubs and perennials included in this kit were selected for their wide ranging and overlapping bloom times. They’re the perfect combination to support pollinators in your garden from early spring to late fall. All plants in this kit can tolerate full sun to part shade as well as medium soil moisture.

Kit includes:

  • 1 Red Chokeberry – white blooms from April to May (1-gallon container)
  • 3 Blueflag Iris – blue-purple blooms from May to June (quart containers)
  • 3 Coral Bells – white blooms from June to August (quart containers)
  • 3 Orange Coneflower – yellow-orange blooms from June to October (quart containers)
  • 3 Pink Turtlehead – pink blooms from July to September (quart containers)
  • 1 Witchhazel – yellow blooms from October to November (1-gallon container)

Plants are valued at $163.86, but by purchasing this starter kit you receive a 10% discount!


Additional information

Container Size

1 Gallon, Quart

Soil Moisture


Light Requirements

Full sun to part shade

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