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Using Native Plants for a Non-Toxic Lifestyle

In the non-toxic world, there are substitutions for everything we once were accustomed to. Most people start with food or personal products finding alternatives with relative ease. Then people begin to look to home remedies and natural solutions for health problems and building strong immune systems. Some graduate to questioning what’s in the paints on the walls, what’s emitting off their new furniture (glues, gases, finishes), what is applied to their linens and clothes, what about the lead in dishware or dangerous metals in their cookware. And then some people want to extend their non-toxic ways to what’s outside their home.

The problem is this: they don’t know what alternatives there are to have a healthy, safe, and beautiful outdoor environment.

Chemicals in Roundup can be harmful to a non-toxic lifestyleThey know that Roundup is bad stuff and tell their spouse to stop using it on the yard. However, they may be met with resistance as they don’t have a substitute to suggest. The thought of their kids playing out in the yard that is sprayed with highly dangerous chemicals is one that makes many parents cringe!

I’ve been living a natural and non-toxic lifestyle since 2004; it’s a lot of years’ experience in cultivating a safe and healthy place for myself and now children and husband. There was a huge missing gap though. Of all the groups I belong to, the lifestyle experts I follow, no one discussed the outdoors! Well, I have seen the “What do I use in place of Roundup for my yard because my husband hates the look of weeds” question only to be answered by silence. It truly is something that crunchy moms and nontoxic homemakers have no answer for.

I learned of Direct Native Plants three years ago through a professional relationship. I had never heard of native plants before. I’m not a gardener so I had zero awareness that such a thing existed. It was only this year that my lightbulb went off: native plants and gardening was the answer to this missing gap for my home.

Six Reasons Why Native Plants Complement Your Non-toxic Lifestyle & Home

  1. They don’t require the use of fertilizers. Once applied, fertilizers can create run-off from the soil into water sources posing danger to the eco-system and our puddle-splashing kids.
  2. Elderberry Syrup - Non-Toxic LifestyleYou can grow your own fruits like elderberries to make your own elderberry syrup for the days when your kid’s immune system needs a boost. Backyard sourcing is always a fantastic choice.
  3. There are native trees, shrubs, or perennials for every sun and water condition you’d need—options are abundant (and gorgeous, too). Beauty isn’t sacrificed because you go au natural in your yard.
  4. Native plants grown from seed like at Direct Native Plants have little to no chemical applications on them. I feel good supporting businesses that value nature as it is intended to be without much intervention; the closer to the original simple idea, the better it is in my book!
  5. Gardening for Wildlife - Non-Toxic LifestyleHaving naturally thriving plants makes maintenance easier in the long-run. Like with all gardening, there is some trial and error to be expected. You learn which plants love your sun and water conditions. (No weekly or daily watering after they are established—love that it saves water and money in my pocket.)
  6. They invite wildlife INTO your space. Create butterfly gardens, a spot for birds to bathe or rest, or provide food for the bees! (How hygge is that?!)

As you can see, when you live a crunchy, non-toxic, natural, or holistic lifestyle, choosing native plants is the clear winner. We can achieve healthy and beautiful outdoor spaces for our families and neighboring animals, insects, and birds year-round with native gardening!

Photo of blogger Nicole KaronNicole Karon is a crunchy momma (to two amazing young kids), wife, Transformation Coach, and marketing consultant. She’s been living a non-toxic lifestyle for 17 years and is highly dedicated to creating a healthy life for her family. More about Nicole can be found on her website, NicoleKaron.com.


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