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Tree Shelter

Tree Shelter

Dimensions: 6" x 48"

Materials: Photodegradable polyethylene

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Give your young trees a helping hand with our mesh tree shelters!

Product includes: 1 shelter and 2 zip ties (wood stake not included)

Our 4 ft. tall by 6” diameter mesh shelters offer good protection from deer browse and help prevent accidental damage from lawn equipment. Traditional solid tube shelters have a tendency to attract small rodents who will nest in the base of the tube and potentially harm the tree, but not our shelters! The open mesh of these tree shelters discourages nesting rodents.

These shelters are photodegradable and come with two zip ties to attach to a support stake (the stake is not included, but they can be found in most home improvement stores or gardening centers. We recommend one that is at least 5′ tall). The shelters can be cut with scissors as needed if the height needs to be shortened for any reason. They can also be cut longways in order to easily wrap around more stocky plants.



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6" x 48"


Photodegradable polyethylene

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